Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Big Space Heater

this thing can produce some serious heat. Kept me warm through the terrible winter months this last season.


Cool Floor Chair

one of those fancy rocking floor chairs. its comfy, and pretty stout.


Rolling End table thing

this thing is pretty cool. pretty stout little rolling table thing.


Cool Box lamp

It's stylish and it works


Big TV with VCR

This ones a little bigger. It's got all of the RCA jacks you need, plus a headphone jack. plays VHS tapes great, this thing has done good for me.


Little TV with VCR

here's the little one. works fine, has RCA jacks.


Solid Wood Entertainment Center

When I got this thing, It got it for quite a bit of money, and its still in great shape. The center vertical piece of wood can slide over, so you can fit a pretty massive TV in there.



So my name is Andy, I'm a senior in animation, and I'm fixing to move out at the end of may. I would prefer to not have so much stuff to move around. so I'm going to start this blog. I'll keep it as up to date as possible, and stuff is going to continue to get added. so make sure to keep checking up on it till around the end of may.

Just call this number,


and make pickup arrangements, and I'll mark it as sold on the website as soon as it gets picked up. I'll try to be as fair as possible and keep everyone up to date on who's looking to buy. Leave comments if you prefer, I'll check those too.